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  • Jul 15 / 2015
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Miss Cheshire, Pageant Portfolio

Miss Cheshire hits a high note!

A Genuine Cheshire Smile

I was absolutely delighted to win the Miss Cheshire title and as part of the prize I booked a model shoot with Andy Bristow.  He is known to all the girls as an amazing photographer and he has pedigree with the competition having photographed so many beautiful girls and of course winners.

Miss Cheshire/Miss England 2015 at Crewe Hall

Miss Cheshire/Miss England 2015 at Crewe Hall

On the day of the shoot I was nervous, my tummy was a little unsettled and the bikini shoot was on my mind as for the Miss England finals you need to have a full portfolio of photographs to show all facets. Continue Reading

  • Jun 06 / 2015
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Miss Bolton and Bury photoshoot experience

Miss Bolton & Bury 2015 photo shoot

Miss Bolton & Bury 2015 photo shoot

The Bristow Experience

I have now had the privilege of working with Andy on a few occasions and can assuredly vouch for the quality of his images and his standard of professionalism. Andy is the official portfolio photographer for the Miss England North West heats and creates a portfolio for the lucky winner.


The Haunted Head

The morning of my portfolio shoot, I was joined by my little sister Giorgia Frost and both of our parents. My Mum (and Bolton Council) had kindly allowed us to use Smithills Hall – which is a very old eerie like building. Continue Reading

  • May 21 / 2015
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Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015 Portfolio

Bolton and Bury’s new young ambassador

Hello, my name is Giorgia Frost, I am 16 years old and was lucky enough to be crowned Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015/16 on 1st March.  To this day it’s still not quite sunk in yet!

Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015

Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2015

With my title I am trying to get involved with events in both Bolton and Bury such as carnivals, light switch on and fairs etc. (anything that comes up during my reign) and strive to be a brilliant ambassador for both Bolton and Bury. I am also looking to get involved with charities that are close to my heart:  such as highlighting how acne affects a lot of young people and how you can deal with it (having been affected myself for several years); as well as asthma and even peer pressure on young adolescents (i.e. Drugs, smoking, drinking etc.) as I for one am teetotal! I want to show exactly what being a Junior Miss all is about; it’s about showing that beauty isn’t just on the outside, it is about what is on the inside that counts the most and being able to therefore empower young women to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be on both the inside and out. Continue Reading

  • May 14 / 2015
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Miss Preston, Uncategorized

Miss Preston 2015 Official Photoshoot

A dream comes true for Miss Preston 2015

Just over one month ago, I had the most incredible evening and my dream came true, I was crowned Miss Preston 2015/16. Even writing this blog post now, it still doesn’t feel like reality.

Miss Preston 2015 photoshoot at the Marriot Hotel

Miss Preston 2015 photoshoot at the Marriot Hotel

A beauty with a purpose

Since winning Miss Preston, the most common question I am asked is “So what does this mean now?”

Unfortunately, there is still negativity around ‘pageants’ with many holding the stereotypical view that is all about how you look, this could not be further from the truth. The Miss England pageant lives by the motto “Beauty with a purpose”, focusing more on the girl within the dress, than the dress itself. The finalists of Miss Preston 2015 were young, inspirational ladies who have done some great things for the community of Preston, and it is important that this is communicated. Therefore, my answer to the previous question is that for the next year, I will be using my title as a platform for positive communication to help spread awareness and fundraise for causes I am passionate about, and those causes close to the heart of the community. I also hope to be an ambassador for the city and to underline all the positive things Preston has to offer, rather than the negative. I am honoured that I have the opportunity to do this and humbled that I was chosen to do so.

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  • May 12 / 2015
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Miss Preston, Uncategorized

Junior Miss Preston 2015 Photoshoot

Hello, my name is Abbie Kerr and I am the current Junior Miss Preston 2015/2016. I was crowned at the Playhouse Theatre in April 2015.

Junior Miss Preston 2015 Abbie kerr

Junior Miss Preston 2015 Abbie kerr

And the winner of Junior Miss Preston 2015 is…

Winning Junior Miss Preston was the most nerve-wracking, yet amazing experience ever. Not only had I never done anything like it before, but I also knew how high the standard was from going to watch girls compete in previous Miss England regional heats for ‘Beauty with a Purpose.’

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  • Feb 19 / 2014
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Pageant Portfolio

Pageant modelling portfolio building guide

Why build a pageant modelling portfolio?

Having any kind of modelling portfolio is a great way to show that you are an experienced professional in your field. Your portfolio will showcase all your different looks, skills and experience with its main purpose to obtain modelling assignments, agency representation or work in TV or film.

Miss Preston vintage style photoshoot at the Harris Museum

Miss Preston in a vintage style photoshoot at the Harris Museum

An effective pageant modelling portfolio needs to be a well rounded representation of any modelling work you’ve done, showcasing your many styles and looks as well as demonstrating your ability to handle other jobs in the media industry. Make sure you always keep your portfolio up to date and at hand, taking it with you to pageants, competitions or public events etc. Remember, there could be a talent scout in the audience on the lookout for new talent or models!


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  • Feb 15 / 2014
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Miss Preston

Miss Preston photo portfolio

And the winner of Miss Preston is…

My name is Stephanie Leeson and I am the current Miss Preston 2013/2014. I was crowned at the Playhouse theatre in October 2013 after my 3rd attempt at a Miss title.

Photo of Miss Preston Steph Leeson at the Harris Museum

Miss Preston – Steph Leeson at the Harris Museum

Winning was overwhelming and such an amazing feeling but at the same time I was really nervous about the standard I had to keep up as the new Miss Preston. Many title holders would agree with me, that being a Miss isn’t easy…they weren’t wrong.

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  • Jan 13 / 2014
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Look slimmer

Look slimmer in photos with my easy tips

So you want to look slimmer in photos and shed pounds in your portrait?

Well congratulations! You’ve just found a host of amazing tips and tricks used by professional photographers.

Let’s first look at a few myths and old wives tales that people have believed over the years.

The camera adds 10 pounds to your weight!

Almost every non-photographer I have met has heard or believes this statement and whilst it can be true in some cases it has become a blanket statement applied to almost every photograph taken.

In truth, only cameras with a lens below 50mm will make a person look wider or “add weight” to them and the amount is exaggerated the closer the lens is to the subject.

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  • Jan 04 / 2014
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Outdoor outfit

Outdoor outfit for a portrait photo?


Outdoor outfit for the summer

An outdoor outfit for a photo portrait

What outdoor outfit should I wear for a photo portrait?

People choose an outdoor photo session for many reasons, from the beautiful landscapes available, soft natural lighting and glorious sunsets or for a more realistic, relaxed and believable portraits. And one of the questions they often ask is “what style of clothing is best for my outdoor photo?”

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  • Dec 04 / 2013
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Boys portraits

Outdoor portrait with Preston family

family outdoor portrait

Family portrait outside in the sun

An outdoor portrait with brotherly love!

I had a great time during this outdoor portrait session at Preston, mainly due to the bond that brothers Harvey, Harrison and Henley had with each other but also due to the fantastic weather at the time and a very playful family dog.

What do you want from this portrait photography session?

I always ask my clients what they want to get from our outdoor portrait session together and where the photographs will be shown. And this meeting also gives me a chance to answer any other questions the client may have.

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