Andy Bristow LRPS – Photographer

Andy Bristow was an award winning photographer based in the north west of England. Known for his fashion and pageant photography Andy had a varied and enjoyable history as a professional photographer but this all stopped when he was bitten by a tick during a photoshoot in the Lake District.

Months after the bite his health started to deteriorate to the point he was so Ill he could no longer work and was in constant pain and exhaustion. After years of medical tests and misdiagnosis he finally tested positive for Lyme Disease caused by the infected tick bite all those years before.

Although he is now receiving treatment for Lyme Disease, full recovery could take some time due to the disease being well established in his body and some patients never fully recover due to the damage already done. Andy can no longer work or do professional photography but does occaisionally enjoy the odd shoot for fun.

Before Andy became ill he was the official portfolio photographer for the Miss England Beauty Pageant and had photographed Ad campaigns/Portfolios/fashion shows/events for Bellamae International Models, Very, Isme, Littlewoods, Topshop, Preston College, Preston City Council, Britains got Talent Winners Spelbound, Letitia Grant-Brown – finalist in BBC ONEs “The Voice”, the British Gymnastics Association, BBC Radio’s John Gilmore and Sally Naden, the Red Arrows, Local Press, National and international press including the Daily Star, the Tab, the Daily Mail & the Guardian amongst many others.

He also acheived a distinction from the Royal Photographic Society.

Although his life is very different now, he still loves photography and finds it very therapeutic and an enjoyable hobby.

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