Junior Miss Preston 2015 Photoshoot

Hello, my name is Abbie Kerr and I am the current Junior Miss Preston 2015/2016. I was crowned at the Playhouse Theatre in April 2015.

Junior Miss Preston 2015 Abbie kerr
Junior Miss Preston 2015 Abbie kerr

And the winner of Junior Miss Preston 2015 is…

Winning Junior Miss Preston was the most nerve-wracking, yet amazing experience ever. Not only had I never done anything like it before, but I also knew how high the standard was from going to watch girls compete in previous Miss England regional heats for ‘Beauty with a Purpose.’

When I won, a hundred and one different feelings came to me all at once & it definitely took a few days until what had just happened sunk in. In fact… still to this day when I see my sash and crown it crosses my mind – ‘did that actually happen?!’

Abbie Kerr - Jnr Miss Preston 2015
Abbie Kerr – Jnr Miss Preston 2015

Winning Junior Miss Preston means that for the next 12 months I will attend events throughout Preston and try my best to be a great ambassador for Preston, as well as helping others in the community trying to raise money and spread awareness of things that need to be heard, trying my best to make a difference.

One of the prizes for winning my title was the chance to build my portfolio with the photographer, Andy Bristow. I was so excited about this on top of everything else as I had seen some of Andy’s previous work, as well as having a couple of photos taken with him from the activity day, and knew he was an amazing photographer!

Junior Miss Preston 2015 at Topshop
Junior Miss Preston 2015 at Topshop

Where to shoot?

After deciding on two solid locations for the shoot with Andy and Dominique (the Marriott Hotel and a waterfall in Houghton), I was really struggling to decide on a third! After a lot of thought we decided that a high-street shoot in Preston was going to be my third choice, but the next question was… which shops were we going to use! We soon after decided on Topshop, and the best was next to come! Not only did they say yes to us shooting in their shop, but they asked us to model their new summer collection for them as well!!! You can imagine how excited Dominique and myself was. Even Andy couldn’t wait- haha!


An incredible day, an amazing experience.

The day of shooting was definitely a day that will stay with me forever. We all had such a busy and amazingly fun day visiting three amazing locations, The Marriott Hotel was just absolutely beautiful and such a good decision of where to shoot our formal wears. As for the waterfall- although it felt like minus 20, it was also a beautiful location and the photos looked yet again- wonderful. I felt very lucky. I would like to say a big thank you so much to Topshop and the Marriott Hotel for everything.


Junior Miss Preston 2015 with Topshop
Junior Miss Preston 2015 with Topshop


The amazing Andy Bristow!

I would 100% advise not just any Junior/ Miss Title Holder, but anyone who is looking to build their portfolio to use Andy, not only is he such an incredible photographer, and did every single of the photos look amazing- but he is absolutely lovely and really brings out the best in you!

I would repeat this day over and over again if I could, it was so much fun and such an incredible experience, and it wouldn’t have been the same without Andy or my beautiful pageant sister – Dominique.


Junior Miss Preston and Miss Preston 2015
Junior Miss Preston and Miss Preston 2015

I will definitely be using Andy again for any Photography I may need throughout my title and after!

I would like to take this opportunity to say another massive thank you to Andy for the photos; I am so so happy with them all and loved every second of the shoot day.

Lots of love,

Junior Miss Preston 2015/16
Abbie Kerr x

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