Miss Preston 2015 Official Photoshoot

A dream comes true for Miss Preston 2015

Just over one month ago, I had the most incredible evening and my dream came true, I was crowned Miss Preston 2015/16. Even writing this blog post now, it still doesn’t feel like reality.

Miss Preston 2015 photoshoot at the Marriot Hotel
Miss Preston 2015 photoshoot at the Marriot Hotel

A beauty with a purpose

Since winning Miss Preston, the most common question I am asked is “So what does this mean now?”

Unfortunately, there is still negativity around ‘pageants’ with many holding the stereotypical view that is all about how you look, this could not be further from the truth. The Miss England pageant lives by the motto “Beauty with a purpose”, focusing more on the girl within the dress, than the dress itself. The finalists of Miss Preston 2015 were young, inspirational ladies who have done some great things for the community of Preston, and it is important that this is communicated. Therefore, my answer to the previous question is that for the next year, I will be using my title as a platform for positive communication to help spread awareness and fundraise for causes I am passionate about, and those causes close to the heart of the community. I also hope to be an ambassador for the city and to underline all the positive things Preston has to offer, rather than the negative. I am honoured that I have the opportunity to do this and humbled that I was chosen to do so.

A prize picture for Miss Preston 2015

One of the prizes for winning this honourable title was a photoshoot with Andy Bristow Photography to help build my portfolio. I was lucky enough to have had a headshot taken by Andy at the Miss Preston 2015 interview day and I knew then just how fantastic his work was. What I love about his photos is that they bring out your beauty, rather than change it. Andy is brilliant at enhancing your best features, a personal favourite of mine is how the eyes always look so captivating and they really draw you into the photograph whilst still looking natural.


Miss Preston Modelling Topshops summer range
Miss Preston Modelling Topshops summer range

Location, location, location.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have my photos taken alongside the beautiful Junior Miss Preston 2015/16, Abbie Kerr. Together we decided on two shoot locations, the Marriot Hotel for our evening wear and Houghton Bottoms waterfall for a swimwear round. Reading this I know a few of you ladies will cringe at the thought of posing in swimwear, and honestly, I was nervous too. But after seeing the beautiful location (a hidden gem in sourced by Andy) I knew that I had to take the plunge. I immediately felt at ease with Andy, he was reassuring and helped me pose in the most flattering ways for my body shape. I am so thankful for Andy in helping to boost my confidence.


Top of the shops!

What was most special about the shoot for me was our third location. Abbie and I wanted to team up and create a girly fun shopping shoot! Andy asked what our favourite store was, we both agreed Topshop, and so he encouraged us to take the plunge to call them. Topshop were thrilled to have us on board and allowed us to shoot in store and to be styled into three outfits by their instore stylist. If it wasn’t for Andy, I don’t think Abbie or I would have had the confidence to call Topshop and now we can both proudly say that we have modelled for Topshop, how fantastic is that? Better still, Topshop love the images and want to use them!

Miss Preston 2015 at Topshop
Miss Preston 2015 at Topshop


Too much fun for one day!

Summarising the day in one word – fun!

Andy is an incredible guy and probably one of the most friendly and happiest people I have met. Having such a warm personality immediately puts you at ease and you forget that you’re in front of a camera because you are having so much fun.

The photos are absolutely stunning and I could not recommend Andy highly enough. I will be definitely using him during and after my title. I am so thankful for such an incredible experience and I would like to thank Andy for a fun day, beautiful photos and for increasing my confidence.

Andy, you’re fab!

Miss Preston 2015 Dominique with Andy Bristow Photography
Miss Preston 2015 Dominique with Andy Bristow


Well done to my pageant sister too, her photos are incredible and I am sure you will all love them as much as I do.

Love and peace,

Dominique – Miss Preston 2015/16.


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